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Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready


Title: Shift
Series: Shade Trilogy
Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
Release Date: May 3, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Page Number: 384
Sequel: Shine (2012)
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Grabbing Line: Do you love her enough to let her go?


Aura’s love has brought Logan back from being a shade. But now that he’s a violet-hued ghost again, Aura is more confused than ever. She wants to be there for Logan and support him as a friend, but their relationship will come at the expense of her relationship with Zachary, her very alive, very handsome, very Scottish research partner. Both boys hold a piece of her heart—and secrets that can help Aura unlock the mysteries of the Shift and of her past. Aura must decide between the two or risk losing them both. But how?
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            As an avid reader, I worry a whole lot about sequels; especially the second book within a trilogy that stands as a bridge from the beginning to the end. So one can understand my hesitance once I picked up this book and started reading it.  After the string of disappointing sequels that I have encountered lately, I was beginning to loathe all sequels altogether. I prayed and I prayed to love it as much as I love Shade. And thank goodness I did!

            Despite my hesitation, Jeri Smith-Ready’s writing instantly pulls me in and I forget all my worries. I find that the plot elements and changes in characters that usually annoy me in sequels are non-existent in this book.

            I really love how it began with an instant sexy scene that spices everything up (although it’s not with the guy I want) and it totally caused my Asian eyes to bug out! I like the instant mystery that develops and how it recaps Shade without telling the reader that it’s reminding them of the plot of the first book.

Seriously, Jeri has this sequel formula to jog your memory without telling you she’s doing it in the first place!

I am really fond of the flow in this story, because it’s so fluid. It follows a pattern of unpredictability, but is clean and focused. I also like how music is of significance to these books, because music is definitely a huge factor in teenage lives that makes the novel incredibly relatable by that added element.

            The characters are still as lovely as they were in the first book. Even though someone may not be a fan of ghosts, the hot guys in this book are a good enough incentive. Seriously, after reading this book, you cannot help fantasize about the two guys that make up the love triangle. They’re charming, sexy, and breathtaking.

            I am also fond of Aura’s voice in this book. I have always stated that Aura is one of my two most favorite female protagonists in the world.  I find her character refreshing, confident, and smart, which I rarely find in YA these days.

            However, her promiscuous acts were a bit irritating.

            All in all, I really love how this novel unfolds and reveals its mysteries. The ways that secrets were revealed were shocking and exciting that definitely leaves an impact to its readers.

            The ending is nothing short of amazing either.

            I recommend this book to everyone, because soon enough you’ll find yourself wishing that your boyfriend was Zach….or Logan, but you know, Zach’s sooooo much better!

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